Taking my own advice

Published 10:47 am Thursday, August 7, 2008

It’s fun to think back on when you were a child and realize that you still don’t follow the rules that your mother and father used to set out for you.

As a child you can get in trouble for things that you do wrong, which in return teaches you not to continue doing it. As an adult, however; it seems to take a little more effort to get through the skull and to the brain.

Sometimes I sit down and think about how many times I have to do something wrong before I actually understand that I am not doing it right. This normally happens a few days after I realize that something is out of place or there is a problem with something that I have done, but I still can’t seem to get the right and wrong straight when I need to in my head.

That’s just like leaving something cooking on the oven. I am still pretty new to a gas oven, and I have found that gas cooks a lot faster than electric because there is no high, medium and low. There is only hot and hotter. That still doesn’t keep my brain from going back in time to when I cooked on an electric stove. I will put my food in the skillet and walk away for a second to let something steam and the next thing I know I’m starting over because I have burned the food. See, if mom had been there her keen sense that I was doing something wrong would have sniffed out the problem and she could have stopped me from burning dinner.

I have lived on my own for a year now and, of course, I don’t really burn dinner all that often. But the point is that even though I am grown and I have my own life, I still find days when it would be nice to have family, especially mom, around to just give advice here and there. You never know when you will want some good advice and sometimes there is just nobody there to tell you what you need to know. I guess it is those points in life when you take a look at what you are doing and then give yourself advice. Even if it’s wrong.