More awards from George

Published 12:00 pm Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Two weeks ago, I unveiled my idea for my own awards. As promised, the “Georgies” move on celebrating the best – and sometimes worst – things in sports.

Without further ado, the categories and nominees, listed in no particular order are:

Best sound bite: “Playoffs?!” – Melvin Mora, “Practice. Not a game. Practice” – Allen Iverson, “I’m king of the world!” – Kevin Garnett after this year’s NBA Finals

Strangest off-field incident: Making it rain – Adam “Pacman” Jones, pushups in the driveway – Terrell Owens, preseason strip club celebration – Mike Price, Nancy Kerrigan attacked – Tonya Harding and her goons

Best play-by-play team: Al Michaels-John Madden, Keith Jackson-Howard Cosell, Brent Musburger-Dick Vitale, Bob Costas and pretty much anybody (The man is so good, he can make an old shoe look like a good color commentator).

Best sideline reporter: Pam Oliver, Jim Gray (Has Pete Rose forgiven him yet?), Jack Arute, Bonnie Bernstein

Best desk jockey: Greg Gumbel (Road to the Final Four), Bob Costas (Costas Now), Bryant Gumbel (Real Sports), Chris Fowler (College Gameday)

Most embarrassing moment: Homer off the head – Jose Canseco, fat man, old man race – Charles Barkley and Dick Bavetta

Best David vs. Goliath moment: USA Hockey beats Russia in 1980 Olympics, Rafael Nadal beats Roger Federer in 2008 Wimbledon, New York Jets beat Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III, Appalachian State beats Michigan

Best throwback uniform: Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Indians, L.A. Lakers

Best AARP performance: Dara Torres competing in fifth Olympics this year (at age 41), Nolan Ryan throws sixth and seventh no-hitters (at age 43 and 44), Gordie Howe becomes oldest active hockey player (at age 52)

Best fans: Green Bay Packers, Chicago Cubs, Detroit Red Wings

Best college rivalry: Alabama-Auburn (football), North Carolina-Duke (basketball), UCLA-Arizona (softball), Michigan-Ohio State (any sport, including ultimate Frisbee)

Best pro rivalry: Cowboys-Redskins, Red Sox-Yankees, Lakers -Celtics