Stay safe during first days at school

Published 8:34 pm Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The traffic for students going back to school is about to be upon us, and that means if you have an appointment during the main school traffic hours you should give yourself extra time to arrive.

This year, there is not only going to be extra traffic with students going to and from school, there will also be some extra traffic in places such as Jemison because of construction.

Keith Moore, superintendent of the Chilton County Board of Education, said he hopes a good bit of the main construction is done before the school year begins.

However, if the construction is not finished, he asks that parents relay to their children the importance of staying away from construction zones and the real possibility of injury if they trespass.

The construction zone in Jemison can be found behind the Elementary School building.

The BOE is getting ready to continue the Jemison Intermediate School construction to further the chance of the school building being open for students within the next year or two.

The BOE is going to have a fence placed around all construction zones, but with the curiosity of children, there is no guarantee that a fence will keep all of the students from trying to get into the construction zone.

“We want to keep all of our students safe no matter if they are traveling to and from school with their parents, are on the bus or are out on the playground at school. That is why it is important to remind your kids just how unsafe a construction site can be and to stay away from the fences that we have placed around the sites,” Moore said.

Along with the help of vigilant teachers watching over the students while attending physical education and parents who are interested in keeping their kids safe, it would also be a good idea to have a few safety rules set out for your child before going to school.

A few good rules to follow are always buckle up when you are in a moving vehicle, don’t run across a street without looking both ways for cars, always stay where an adult can see you and never cross into a restricted area.