School orientations began this week for new and returning students

Published 8:28 pm Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Time is running out for students and teachers as the back to school orientation begins.

This week, many of the local schools’ teachers will be holding open house orientations, which parents can attend. The purpose behind these meetings is to help the parents and teachers discuss the classroom environment that their child will be in for the next year. This time also allows the teachers and parents to talk about what they expect out of the child and the rules that he or she will be expected to follow.

“Each school has their own orientation, and each teacher has their own open house. The schools generally send out the information to the parents to let them know when they can come and visit the rooms, teacher – or if they can. Many of the schools do their orientations early, but there will be some who wait until after the first day of school,” said Keith Moore, superintendent of the Chilton County Board of Education.

Moore added that he and the transportation director will be out in the community on the first day of school to make sure the kids are safe as they get back into the groove of getting on and off of the school buses.

“The first few days will be kind of confusing, especially at the elementary schools because we will have first-time students as well as first-time parents who will be trying to learn how everything works,” Moore said.

“It may take everyone a few days to get into the groove but we don’t foresee any problems as of yet.”

Parents are asked to allot enough time to get their child to and from school through the traffic without rush.