Some schools not allowing students to have back packs

Published 9:19 pm Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The back to school rush has already started for many stores. There are, however, some school supplies that won’t be getting as much attention this year.

As the parents of many students get their student school supply list they are being surprised by a few of the omitted items on the list. One big item that some parents are not seeing under the supply requirements are backpacks.

Most of the schools in the county are still allowing their students to bring back packs to school. Almost all off the Clanton schools are not allowing backpacks this year.

Clanton Intermediate principal Dennis Cobb said that he is not banning backpacks from his school but is not requiring his students to bring them.

“I am trying to look out for my students and my parents. The way our system is set up here, our students should rarely ever have to carry home more than one book. So to help in keeping more space in our classrooms we are asking the students not to bring backpacks, which can be a hassle to work around in a classroom,” Cobb said. “Some of the kids in my care are only about 75-85 pounds and I don’t really like to see when a child has to carry home a 35 pound book bag.”

The Chilton County Board of Education (BOE) has set county-wide rules and regulations for the schools to follow; however, the schools are given the liberty to increase the rules to be more strict as they feel it is necessary.

“We are not asking the schools to discontinue the use of backpacks but if they feel the need to enforce that rule among their students then they can,” said Myra Davis, BOE employee.

Other supplies have been changed for this year and it is important for parents to make sure they pick up a school supply list for their child’s school, grade and teacher before buying the normal school supplies.