Young adults should spend time volunteering

Published 10:00 pm Saturday, July 26, 2008

Locally, we have very little that kids can take part in, but there are some programs that they can join to give them not only something to do with their spare time but also can give them knowledge and experience for the future.

One group like this in the county is the Clanton Police Explorers. They give many teenagers and young adults new opportunities through all of their training and scenarios. Although the explorers program is a lot of work, those who participate enjoy getting to run through fake car crash scenes as they learn how to help injured people or while they are getting to qualify to use equipment that law enforcement officers use such as batons, handcuffs and other miscellaneous stuff.

There are also many places that they can volunteer their time like the local fire departments and nursing homes. To a younger person, these may not seem like the best places in the world to be through their summer, but getting involved in the community can help a student’s chance of having a brighter future by a lot.

Some colleges look at an incoming students community service before accepting them. If a young person has the opportunity to join a civic group or has the chance to volunteer somewhere through the summer, they will greatly increase their chances of becoming not only a well thought of adult but also a better understanding, courteous person.

The skills that you learn when you take a summer job are the same as those that you learn from volunteering. You learn how to respect your elders and time and you learn how to be responsible. The next summer that comes around, students with nothing to do but drive around, shop and talk should look into helping their community.