Sales tax should be devoted to roads

Published 7:47 pm Saturday, July 26, 2008

Dear Editor, The Advertiser

In Response to the article “County’s Road Problem Solved” County road repair is a problem and trust me we’ve had problems on County Road 716 since 1985. Yes we have been to the commission meetings to discuss “road problems” and watched as commissioners shook their heads. No we are not willing to pay more property tax because many of us who reside on Lake Mitchell are not wealthy only blessed, but we pay dearly for the privilege to live on the lake. The same house would be taxed much lower if located off the lake. One suggestion is to put the one-cent sales tax back into effect until all roads are in good repair just as it was done to pay for the prison to be built. This tax should be used only for road repair.

We are not complaining about a piece of asphalt but a dirt road with ruts and ditches and a culvert that need cleaning. When we have significant amounts of rain the road is three fourths covered at the culvert. We have asked time and again over many years for this to be cleaned when the road is scraped without success. Now that County Road 472 and the roads branching off of 472 beyond 716 have been paved we’ve no service at all. Let me ask you, where did the money come from to complete 472 and pave all other county roads beyond 716? Why was 716 left unpaved? We’ve been told it was too narrow. Road machines have never had a problem before and when we were building an 18-wheeler brought 40-foot truss and pallets of brick to the building site. They had no problem so what is the problem? Money well how did you come up with the money to pave the roads going to the new subdivision? They say they have waited a decade I present to you we have waited two and a half decades and then got left out when all other roads around us were paved.

Is this discrimination or taxation without representation?

You owe us at least a road scraping and ditches and culvert cleaned on a regular basis until our road can be paved as well. It is time for the commissioners to stop shaking their heads and do something or we need to get some new people in office who at least will do more than shake their heads and try to tell us our road is too narrow. Is there anyone in office that can help?

– Peggy Bullard