Awarding explorers for their achievements

Published 7:37 pm Saturday, July 26, 2008

At the end of the year, the Clanton Police Explorers are given a dinner banquet where they are awarded for the amount of hard work that they showed throughout the year.

A few of the awards include leader in points, academic award, community service award, physical fitness awards, search and rescue awards and even the Explorer of the Year award. This year, the group worked hard enough to only be a few points away from each other when it came down to the end of the year totals.

Benny Boggs was awarded the academic award, which included his test scores as well as his regular schoolwork averages from high school.

He also received third place in physical fitness.

Patrick Cheatham was awarded the community service award.

Stevie Burgess was awarded first place in both physical fitness and search and rescue.

Billy Williams was awarded third place in search and rescue.

Explorer Jamedius Peake was awarded one of the highest honors when he was recognized as Explorer of the Year.

He also received second in physical fitness and leader in points earned.

On top of his honors, he was also presented a resolution from Sen. Hank Erwin.