Maplesville town library receives donation

Published 7:37 pm Friday, July 25, 2008

After two years, the Maplesville Town Library is still working on getting all of the books on the shelves. After the completion and opening of the library, Maplesville residents were able to enjoy the option of checking out books and using the new facility to hold meetings.

Although there are at least 20 bookshelves in the library at this time, they are still finding the need to add more.

“We have a lot of books that we can’t even put in the library because we don’t have the space. We have to add a few of the books at a time to try and get all of the books that have been donated into the library for everyone to use,” said Sheila Haigler, Maplesville Town Clerk and Head Librarian.

South Coast Paper, LLC, a business located in Maplesville, recently gave a helping hand to the library by donating $1,000 for the library’s use.

“We value educational efforts that will empower the youth, and we understand the benefits that are derived by the community when corporations and communities work together to better society,” said Dale Enfinger, South Coast Paper plant manager.

The town is planning to use the money to help purchase new bookshelves as well as a new computer to allow more people to have access to the Internet at one time.

“Right now, we only have one computer and we really need to have a few more so that people don’t have to be limited to a short period on the computer. Right now people are having to take turns every 30 minutes, and sometimes they just need more time than that,” Mayor W.C. Hayes said.

The library is looking forward to adding to their facility.