Gas drive-offs hurt everyone

Published 9:02 pm Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A bigger price tag comes with a gallon of gas these days. As a result, fuel is much more precious to consumers. Unfortunately, it is also more precious to thieves who want to get their gas the illegal way.

Gas drive-offs have apparently increased in the county. Of course, any increase might not be as drastic as it appears due to heightened awareness of the situation.

If gas prices keep escalating, stations may have to become stricter with requiring customers to pay first.

In addition to not paying for their gas at stations, people are stealing gas any way they can. Thieves typically wait until late at night, sneak into your yard, and take your gas can or siphon fuel from your vehicle.

When thinking of preventive measures, it pays to use common sense. Gas cans should be well hidden and stored in a safe place, and gas cap locks may be easily purchased for vehicles that do not already have them.