No mayor safe this election

Published 8:40 am Friday, July 18, 2008

The municipal races in Chilton County are getting interesting.

All four municipalities will have a mayoral election, with an average of three candidates having qualified in each city or town.

Incumbents are running for every mayoral seat, and we are seeing some faces that are new to politics and others that are seasoned veterans.

Now that qualifying is over, we can size up the candidates and decide for ourselves who is the best man or woman for each job.

A three-way race is underway in the City of Clanton, with incumbent Billy Joe Driver facing Ralph Payton and current Council member Ann Baker.

Fifteen people have qualified for City Council, requiring an election to be held in each ward.

Jemison and Thorsby each have a trio of candidates running for the top spot.

The Jemison race is between incumbent Eddie Reed, Kenneth Ray and Brian “Bucky” Jackson. In Thorsby, incumbent Tom Bentley is opposed by Tracia Bussey and Dearl Hilyer.

In Jemison and Thorsby, qualifying for councils was not as active as in Clanton.

All Jemison Districts have just one candidate except Districts 1 and 3, and Thorsby had seven people to qualify.

Maplesville has two mayoral candidates in incumbent W.C. Hayes and Kurt Wallace, but no one running for Town Council has any opposition.

It’s good to see that so many people have stepped up with an interest in representing the people in their town or district.

High turnout helps our system of government operate as it should by giving people a choice to decide whether they want to stick with the same leader or whether it’s time for a new face to represent them.

The public offices belong to the people, and it’s up to the people to discern who will lead their town, district and neighborhood in the right direction.

Election Day is Tuesday, Aug. 26. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Don’t forget to vote!