Trying to make sense of it all

Published 3:47 pm Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I think we’ll try something a little different today.

Instead of just reading my thoughts, this is your chance to contribute to “The List.” Feel free to call in or e-mail your thoughts if you want. The point is, everyone’s opinion is important. Unless it is a stupid one.

The heavy issues swirling around the sports world perplex me, and I figure I need some help this time.

Put on your thinking caps, and away we go …

Will Brett Favre play in the NFL this year?

My take: No. This is one rare instance where you see the wounded establishment holding all the cards over the seemingly indestructible hero. Favre doesn’t want to play for Green Bay anymore and management doesn’t want him as a starter, but he has to come back as a member of the Packers’ roster to make a trade or release possible. The Packers will take a considerable public relations hit by “forcing” Favre’s retirement, but it’s a smaller blow than keeping him on the sidelines or letting him go to a team they’ll play twice a year.

What is the worst franchise in professional sports?

My take: I’m going with the Florida Marlins. You would think two World Series titles in the last 11 years would count for something, but nooooo. The Fish are a victim of bad geography (rainy south Florida), bad fans (the last sellout was when?) and bad management (spending money apparently causes cancer).

Who will be the next big name linked to steroids?

My take: If it’s a NASCAR driver or golfer, I’ll turn in my fan card. I can just see it now. Tiger Woods comes back from his knee injury in half the time because he’s juicing. Yeeeaaah, probably not. But I wouldn’t put it past some of those NASCAR guys.

Who will do better this season, Alabama or Auburn?

My take: I could play it safe, since the season is a few months away. Or I could go ahead and stir the war a little bit. Hmmm … I think I’ll wait, but only on the condition that you all acknowledge that Troy is the best school in the state.

Why do Americans call international football “soccer?”

My take: This is interesting, considering we use our hands in the American version of football. It could be that our conceit does not allow us to admit that we did not invent the most popular sport in the world. Or it’s a way of sticking it to the Brazilians, who have always been so awful to us over the years. (Historian whispering in my ear) I’d like to recant that last statement, which was totally untrue. My bad, Brazil. By the way, I’m a big fan of your nuts.