I won’t get tired … yeah right

Published 3:27 pm Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Listening to people talk about things that you will and won’t do during pregnancy is hard. You want to think that you can be super woman and not go through any of that old timer stuff.

Say for instance everyone told me that I was going to be super tired and that I was going to be cranky and ill all of the time. So to help in keeping this from happening, I spent the first few months trying to keep up on my exercise and food intake so that I could make sure I had enough energy for both the baby and me. Of course, the exercise proved to be more exhausting than invigorating and slowly had to be tapered off.

I do really miss getting to go for a run or even getting to lift my little aerobics weights, both of which I can’t do any more until after little guy is born. Not fun.

Food has become a big part of life now as I have started watching when, where and what I eat. I tried a few online sites that give you foods for energy or weight watching, since I didn’t want to weigh 200 pounds by the time I had the baby. The information on the sites may have been true, but I will say that they didn’t work. I now understand why people get so frustrated when they are on a diet and see no results.

I have finally given up and just come to the conclusion that my mother and everybody else is right in saying that you get tired, and have to work at getting more rest when you are pregnant.

Since my schedule has not been able to change much since the beginning of my pregnancy, I am awaiting the day the little dude is about to be born so that I can get a little bit of rest before he get here. ‘Cause if all the tales are right, then I will get even less sleep once he gets here.

To all of your pregnant women out there keep going and remember it’s only nine months or if you prefer 40 weeks.

Note: Ashley McCartney is a news writer for The Clanton Advertiser. Her column appears each Thursday.