Enjoying the good and bad of summer

Published 6:47 pm Thursday, July 10, 2008

A couple of peaches, a glass of ice tea and some sunshine rays sounds like a decent way to spend some time in the sun by the pool. Many people have found that with the current gas prices, their families are having to spend more time at home. Not only can this be a stress full time for married couples who need to get away from their daily activities, but it can also mean even more stress to those married with children or even single with children.

There are lots of fun and interesting things that a person can do to make their summer fun all while sitting at home and enjoying a break from the every day waste of gas.

Online polls have suggested that people use more of their time outside in cool shaded areas where they can play games, enjoy food and be with family all while getting lots of fresh air.

It is definitely a good idea to make sure you have enough “fresh air” in your diet, but we feel that it is also important that you remember the dangers of summer.

When spending time with family outside make sure that you prepare yourself for fun in the sun way before you ever step foot outside your home. One thing you can do to really help in keeping safe is make sure you apply sunblock to not only your own skin but your family members as well.

Did you know that most sunblock take up to 45 minutes to soak into your skin? That means it can wash off in the pool or you can actually even sweat away its protection. If you apply your sun block at least 45 minutes before going outside, you have a better chance of blocking out those cancer-causing rays.

Another danger that can be found in your backyard are animals. Make sure to keep a can of bug spray ready by the door so that you can keep your family from contracting many of today’s diseases through mosquito bites.

You may also want to double-check any places that children will be playing for animals like snakes and ants. Even with high gas prices this summer can be fun and safe.