Prices for water treatment on the rise

Published 12:25 pm Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The cost to treat the town’s water supply will likely increase over the next few months.

Water Department Superintendent Terry Jackson told the Thorsby Town Council last night that the cost of Aqua Max, one of the chemicals used to treat the town’s well water, is going to be increasing by 36 percent.

“They have never raised their prices in the whole time I’ve been here until now,” Jackson said.

To prepare for that increase, Jackson said he has already bought around a six month supply before the company raised the price to help save the town some money, but he has been told that other chemicals including chlorine will likely increase.

“It’s just because the price of everything is going up,” Jackson said.

The town will also have to notify the Alabama Department of Transportation any time that one of the state maintained roads will be closed.

Police Chief Ed Prady informed the council that ALDOT sent a letter to the town stating that they are not allowed to close any road like U.S. Highway 31 unless they have written permission from the state except in the case of an emergency.

“The reason why they want to do this is because they want to publish detours in the news media to keep the public informed,” Prady said. “This will likely affect us when we have parades and other events like this. They even want us to inform them when we have to close even one lane for a wreck.”

Also, resident Sandy Collins approached the council about how several homes on Rebel Street have become run down and overgrown. One is right next to her house.

“It’s a fire hazard especially if the power is still turned on,” she said.

Collins asked the town to do something to help clean up the street. Mayor Tom Bentley said the town would look into the matter.

In other business, the council:

approved advertising at the high school football field and in this year’s football program.

noted that addresses on Adams Street have been renumbered by E-911, changing the numbers from the 100s to the 1000s.