Pleasing the people

Published 11:47 am Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dear Editor, The Advertiser,

One problem we’ve had in Chilton County that I’ve experienced didn’t start under the leadership of Kevin Davis, as some would have the people to believe.

In the 1990s, an incident happened outside the Clanton city limits when I needed the assistance of a law enforcement officer. Two Clanton city officers were sent to attend my need because, I was told, the county didn’t have an officer available.

On another occasion, several years later, outside the Clanton city limits, on a Chilton “County” road, a State Trooper attended the call, I was told, because the county didn’t have an officer available.

Because of the county’s officer shortage, it takes more time to get assistance on the scene. Twice in the past month, law enforcement officials were needed outside the city limits of Clanton when the county was lacking. This was experienced among some friends and relatives.

These are my personal experiences; I can’t give account for other Chilton County citizens, but I hope others will come forth with their own experiences. I don’t believe I’m the only one who knows about this problem.

Sheriff Davis has enough responsibilities without having to fight commissioners to get supplies to do his job.

If the county commissioners don’t have the money to finance the answer for this need, then I have some suggestions. The Clanton City Police Department seems to have an abundance with, from what I’m told, about 24 or 25 officers with take-home cars. It seems they have enough cars to park and patrol, and I’m proud of them and the city citizens, but, hey, the rural and city citizens are all citizens of Chilton County and all have the same right to police protection.

Maybe the city limits need to be extended out to the county lines, then we’ll all be one city like family with suburbs with names like, Maplesville, Thorsby, etc.

Kevin Davis shouldn’t be blamed for a has-been; he’s doing the best he can with what he has and he’s trying to help everyone.

Words to Sheriff Kevin Davis, you can’t please all the people all the time. Pilate tried to please the people and he washed his hands at Heaven’s Door and walked away. Jesus said, “I am the door.”

-Margie McMinn, Maplesville