Fireworks can cause at least second-degree burn

Published 11:33 am Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Kids are begging, and parents are giving in to the puppy dog eyes. Although fireworks were created for adult use and child entertainment, children are still interested in getting their hands on the tiny explosives. This can be almost as dangerous as an adult drinking while using fireworks.

Both combinations can lead to accidental burns. When it comes to fireworks, there is a strong possibility that a person can undergo second or even third degree burns. When burns like these are present, it’s imperative to see a doctor right away.

“Most of the time a firework is going to leave at least a second degree burn. There are some things that you can do at home to ease the pain, but if the burn does not look better within a day or two it is important to seek medical attention,” Lt. David Driver with the Clanton Fire Department said.

Driver added there are three different levels of burns that a person can receive starting at first-degree to second-degree and third-degree. Each degree indicates a greater risk of infection and need for medical attention.

“When you have a really bad burn like a third-degree burn, and some second-degree burns, you can get infections if you do not get the proper medical attention. There are a lot of things that can happen with burns and infections,” Driver said.

A first-degree burn looks and feels like a sunburn. The second-degree burn is the most recorded burn type. It includes skin irritation plus blisters. The third degree burn is the most dangerous. It is identified by charcoaled skin, or black color around the burn.

First-degree burns can most often be treated at home with over the counter medication, most common of which is an ointment placed directly on the burn.

For second or third degree burns, make sure to keep a close eye on wound, and if it is not better within a day or two it is recommended that you visit your doctor before an infection has time to set in resulting in more pain and hassle.