DHR gets ready for school

Published 12:05 pm Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It’s still summer, yet this doesn’t seem to be stopping the Chilton County Department of Human Resources from getting their back-to-school shopping list started.

With 145 foster children in their custody, DHR starts preparing for special events early. They recently, with the help of community members, gave foster children a Merry Christmas, and now are gathering things for the children’s school requirements.

“In the year that I have served as director, I have been overwhelmed by the support of the community for our foster children,” DHR director Marilyn Colson said. “We were so blessed last Christmas by the many sponsorships and contributions. I know that many will want to help with the children’s school needs also.”

It’s easy to make a donation to DHR. The department can take either a donation of money or a donation of new, unopened school supplies such as paper and pencils. Colson added that gift cards help the kids a lot when it comes time to shop for school clothes. Like all kids, foster children grow from year to year and require new clothes and shoes for the school year.

“We live off of the help of others. It takes everything that we have and more to keep these kids in happy, healthy homes where they can be supported and their needs can be met,” Colson said. “Although the government does help us out, we still need help and that is where the community comes in.”

Anyone who wishes to help Chilton County’s foster children get ready for school can call 280-2000, and ask to speak with someone handling the Back to School project. To send in a money contribution to the foster children, send a check or money order to Chilton County DHR Back to School, P.O. Box 1600 Clanton, AL 35046, or drop the payment by the office located on Airport Road.