Police round up robbery suspects within minutes

Published 7:00 pm Monday, June 30, 2008

A man now has the money and a car stereo that stolen from him – thanks to the quick response of the Sgt. Richard Todd and the rest of the Clanton Police night shift.

Authorities arrested two men and recovered all of the stolen property minutes after the victim was robbed early Saturday morning at the Cloverleaf Motel.

Around 4 a.m., a man at the hotel was physically assaulted and robbed, said Clanton Police Investigator Keith Maddox. The suspects took $120 and the stereo.

The victim fled ran from the scene on foot and saw Todd, who was patrolling the area. The victim then told Todd what happened, and Todd along with the whole night shift staff went to the motel to secure the area minutes after the incident.

The officers recovered all of the stolen property and arrested two people.

The suspects’ identities were not released yesterday because charges were still being filed, according to Maddox. Additional suspects could also be arrested at a later time.

“If Sgt. Todd hadn’t been that close to the motel, they might not have been able to arrest the suspects and recover the property,” Maddox said. “I got the call about 5 Saturday morning. When I got on the scene, [the night shift] pretty much had everything wrapped up.”

Maddox said this incident appears to be an isolated incident.

“I just think the entire night shift did an excellent job in rounding up the suspects within minutes and taking control of the situation,” Maddox said.