Unequal equals

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dear Editor, The Advertiser,

A divided house cannot stand. If the leaders of this country would seek God for guidance, we wouldn’t have the problems caused by division that we have. Division is destruction. Remember those famous words; United We Stand, Separate We Fall.

Most of the people in Chilton County say they believe in God, but from the evidence around, it appears someone isn’t being truthful.

If we truly believe in God, then we would believe He is the author of creation, Father of life, Producer of peace, joy and good will and we would gladly allow Him to control the government.

If we truly believe in God, then we wouldn’t have walls of division. God created and dwells in a house of unity. God didn’t build walls, but produced laws, ways of love, conditions of unity.

Humanity produced walls of division, forced limitations, destruction, for example, city limits. What does that mean? Whether we live in or outside the city limits, we are all citizens of Chilton County, Alabama, and should all have equal rights with equal protection, but folks that isn’t the way it is. I encourage you as citizens of Chilton County, Alabama humanity, check it out, especially you rural citizens.

– Margie McMinn