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Church News for Thursday, June 5

Published 12:01pm Monday, June 16, 2014

Bethsalem Baptist Church

We rejoice in having our new pastor Bro. Justin Thomas with us. Bro. Cleve recognized everyone and giving our ministry opportunities.

Had held a VBS promotion.VBS is taking place this week. Thanks to everyone who helped.

Special music was provided by Bro. Cleve, who sang “He is Holy.” Bro. Justin preached from Matthew 9:35-38 and Luke 23:33-34. His sermon was titled “The View from the Cross.”

The evening message was great.

Pray for Lola Thompson, Stephanie Hinton, Shirley Cobb, Robyn Demham, Nate Jones, Charles Bryant, Hunter Moore, Paul Price, Rebecca Martin, Wayne Smith, Mark Walker, Sid Griner, Bob and Bethany Hollis, Lynetta Bolden, Jesse Phillips, Dan Tessin, George and Diane Williams, Lula Spigner, Debbie Powell, Ronald Smith, shut-ins and those facing cancer.

Happy birthday to Alex Green, Preslie Ash, Emily Chander, Heather Mason, Melissa Gleen, Christin Polk, Julie Emmerich, Nathan Williams, Amander Arnold, Kendel Ehod, Don Knight, Harmony Arnold and Randy Sims.

Happy anniversary to Tim and Kelly Milford, Blake and Emily Edwards, Bud and Pat Pike, Roger and Charlene Yeargan, and Cleve and Jenny Mallory.

Have a blessed week.

Rocky Mount UMC

Reading from the scripture of Acts 11:19-30, Bro. Guin was able to share how some can break a trend for the good of the Lord. At the time we are reading, the scripture was only being shared with the Jews. Suddenly, the word of God was spread to the Greeks, who were non-Jews, in a very intentional way. This was one of the greatest events in all times. People flocked to join the churches.

Have you done what you could to lead others to Christ? Have you done anything to add your name to the Book of Life? Don’t worry so much about getting the attention or the credit for some good deed—just do it! There is so much to life and one of those things is to share God’s love with others. If you look at the attendance in the churches of today, you will see that we are not doing our job well at all. We are not going out and preaching to those who are not familiar with the word of God, or do not think it is of great importance. We need to get out and share the Good News! Do your part today: tell others about Jesus!

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