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Church News for Thursday, Sept. 19

Published 10:16am Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Christ Independent Methodist Church

Sunday was our Homecoming Celebration. We appreciate our special guests and visitors who helped to make our day so wonderful.

Our day began with the congregation singing “To God Be the Glory” followed by Dr. Mac Stinson’s welcome address to our guest minister, Dr. Mike Weldon, and our guest singers, The Royal Masters.

The day was truly a day of greatness. Dr. Weldon preached one of the most inspirational services that it has been my great honor to listen to. His topic was regarding what heaven would be like according to the Bible. His reading and explanation was the most inspiring service I have ever heard to that specific subject.

Our guest singers, The Royal Masters, sang a couple of songs that made us want to finish our lunch and hear more from them. If you like Southern gospel quartet singing, it doesn’t get any better than this group. They were so wonderful that you wanted time to stand still in order to hear more of their beautiful voices.

After making us eager to hear more, we retired to the dining hall for lunch, which was great. It restored your faith in the story of the fishes and the loaves. I have never witnessed a more bountiful meal. We thank each person who contributed to the meal and those who enjoyed it.

After lunch, we came back into the church for more gospel singing. The time passed too fast. We wish to thank each of you who contributed to make our day so special and we invite you to come again. We extend our special gratitude to Dr. Mike Weldon and to The Royal Masters.

When you pray, remember Dr. Mac Stinson and his son, Roy Lauter, Judy Atkinson, Bobbie Sammons, our military, our country, church, community, our leaders and each other.

Thank you, Holly and Mark Wadleigh, for providing flowers for church on Homecoming Sunday.

Have a blessed week.

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