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Church News for Thursday, Aug. 1

Published 10:16am Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cedar Grove Church

Glory to God!

Sermon title from 2 Thessalonians 2:17: “Overall Character of the World Today: Deception.”

We live in a very deceiving time, and men are comfortable in this state. Men would rather believe a lie. We see young and old alike being deceived by what they see and hear on new age devices such as iPhones and computers. Just because you see or hear something on TV does not make it true. In Matthew 24, Jesus tells us the love of many has waxed cold. We can sure see this in the media. Revelation 3 tells us the problem with churches then and now is they are being deceived. Churches today are being deceived. Even Christians are being deceived, believing mans way instead of God›s way.

Where do you stand on God›s word? God wants to help us through his word not to be deceived by the Evil One. Pray daily not to be deceived. Keep your eye on that eastern sky. Allowing ourselves to be deceived will carry us straight to a devil›s hell.

In the evening worship, Chris Cleckley sang “In You.” Bro. Clay Collins brought a powerful message from Numbers 20 titled «The Do›s and Don›ts of Breakthrough.»

We all fight the same devil everyday, overcoming the walls of life before they overcome us. Choose breakthrough instead of breakdown. We can go forward in life or go backward, there is no in between. Our sins will find us out.

The “don’ts” of breakthrough:

1. Don›t sin, for sin can destroy our testimony.

2. Don›t settle when waiting on a breakthrough, but stand on the promises of God; he is able.

3.Don›t stop praying if your prayer is not answered today.

The “dos” of breakthrough:

1. Walk in obedience to God: We need to be walking with God even while the devil is stalking.

2. Worship: Give God his due. You do not have to worship only in church; you can worship in your car, at work or at home morning, noon or night. We need to worship and be in God›s word so we can walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

3. Go to war: We›re not talking about physical warfare, but spiritual warfare. Stay in the word, and worship to be refilled and refreshed so your tank won’t be empty spiritually, for you may be tempted to turn back to the things of this world. When we go to war, it is sort of like playing Freeze Tag: when we get low spiritually, the devil can and will stop us in our tracks. The devil has a demon for all of us; therefore, we have to have that close relationship with God and ask him to be become our strength in times of weakness. Christ is our power.

Homecoming will be Aug. 18. Guest will be Bro. Randy Perry with Revival Aug. 19-21. Prayer meeting is being held on Friday nights at 7 p.m. Everyone is invited.

Prayer concerns: Bro. Jeff Carroll, Vern and Linda Sullivan, Janet Wyatt, Larry Patterson, Eugene Neeley, Bill Polk, Bro. Gary Hubbard, Billy and Diane Sanders

Love to all. God bless and have a great week.

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