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Health Access Center gets new name and fresh perspective

Published 4:12pm Monday, March 11, 2013

CMC administrator Ted Chapin said his current goal is to make sure people understand the hospital is not closed, but it is simply not treating patients.

Chapin said a growing movement in the community focusing on encouraging local patrons to “shop Chilton County” should also apply to CMC and Chilton Specialty Clinic.

“Our patients are going to have to work to support us,” Chapin said. “If certain procedures can be performed at Chilton Specialty Clinic we are going to need our patients to come and have those performed here.”

Anne Taddicken of CMC said one avenue the Chilton Specialty Clinic has taken to promote interest from the community is a radio program called “Speak to the Specialists” that airs on Friday mornings at 8:05 a.m. on 95.5 FM or on

Taddicken said the talk show features certain medical topics such as gallbladder disease or colon cancer and those from the community can call in and ask questions.

“The hospital might not be operating at full capacity right now but we wanted to take different specialists and get them to talk about certain issues,” Taddicken said. “We want to promote health and wellness in this community and so far the interest in the radio show has been great.”

Taddicken said all of the issues discussed on the show are issues that would relate to the community and the program is always open to suggestions.

“If people want to have a particular topic discussed on the show please let us know about it,” Taddicken said.

Anyone with a program suggestion is invited to call Taddicken at (205) 280-3536.

For those wanting to make an appointment at Chilton Specialty Clinic, contact (205) 280-3360.

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