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Church News for Thursday, Aug. 23

Published 8:08pm Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mars Hill Baptist

Do you have a ministry for Christ? Bro. William Short’s sermon this week comes from 2 Corinthians 4:1-6: “Therefore since we have this ministry, as we have received mercy, we do not lose heart.” If you are a saved child of God, you have a ministry! Most people think of the ministry as a preacher, or a Sunday school teacher. But according to the word of God, all that are saved and have received the mercy of Christ should have a ministry of some kind, to help spread the gospel throughout your corner of influence! We should be planting the seed of the gospel in the hearts of others, but so many times, we sit back and say, “Let someone else do it.” The truth is, no one else can do your job for you; it’s yours alone. And because of this attitude, our churches today are only half-full, and some have even cancelled Sunday and Wednesday night services. We put too much pressure on our pastor, claiming the responsibility for filling the church pews is his job. If we want to reach this nation for Jesus, and turn around our situation, we have to get up off our stool of “Do nothing” and tell others about the love of Jesus, and what He has done for us.

So many times, we think this world and everything in it is all about us. I hate to say this, friend, but it is not. It’s all about Jesus and His saving grace. It’s about His love for us. It’s not us who does the saving, but Jesus. If we do our part, God will do His, and there will be no one on the face of the earth who hasn’t had the opportunity to come to the saving grace of Jesus. Today, the missionaries are needed in the USA as much as anywhere else in the world. What a shame, that a country founded on the word of God has gotten so far off the track.

People will tell you that our economy is the cause of our problems. Really? Rather, if we put God back on His throne where He belongs, and all of the Christians start fulfilling their ministry, this country will once again be the greatest in the world! The most precious thing we have is the word of God, the Bible. We need to share it with others daily. If you don’t know what your ministry is, then get on your knees and ask God what He would have you do for Him. No matter what your ministry may be, do it with a glad heart, and expect God’s blessings.

Please pray for our church, our country, our troops, our schools, the lost, the hurting. Go to church somewhere on Sunday. We invite you to Mars Hill Baptist Church. We love people. We love God. Amen.

Bethany Baptist Church

Sunday morning we were privileged to have missionaries Damien and Melanie Austin in our services. They plan to leave soon to minister in the Ukraine. Bro. Austin blessed us with his singing talent and a message taken from Exodus 13:21-23 on the glory of the Lord. The Shekinah Glory of the Lord led the Israelites out of bondage in Egypt; the same Glory (Holy Spirit) is ours when we accept the Lord in our hearts, and we must be a light to lead the lost to Jesus. Please pray for the Austins as they begin their ministry in the Ukraine.

Sunday night, Bro. Steve’s message was about missing Sunday night service. He used the scripture in John 20:19-29, where the Apostle Thomas was not present the evening of the first day (Sunday evening) when Jesus appeared to His disciples. There are several things that Thomas missed by not being present, which we can relate to ourselves when we are absent from church services: fellowship with God’s people, God’s presence, Jesus’ words of encouragement, rejoicing with fellow Christians and teaching and instructions in God’s word.

Upcoming events: Sept. 30, annual homecoming at Bethany.

Prayer list: Betty Biggs, James Bixler, Arnold DeLoach, Doris and Verdie Glenn, Hubert Griffin, Mildred Griffin, Ernestine Hatch, Ethel Kelly, Billie Neeley, Bro. Eric Sutton and Shirley Wallace.

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