Clanton Police reports for the week of July 30, 2012

Published 2:40pm Sunday, July 29, 2012

The following is an activity report of the Clanton Police Department from July 16-22:

July 16

•Information report-property damage: 1400 block, Fifth Ave. N.

•Theft of property-third degree: 1000 block, Lay Dam Road

•Using false identity to obstruct justice, identity theft, forgery degree: 600 block, First Ave.

•Theft of property-third degree: Associated Foods

•Theft of property-third degree: 1400 block, Seventh St. S.

•Harassment: 1400 block, Seventh St. S.

•Criminal mischief: 2400 block, Pinedale Road

•Information report-child custody: 1500 block, Second Ave. S.

•Assault: 200 block, Eighth St. N.

•Theft of property, burglary, possession of burglar?s tools; burglary-residence-force, theft from residence (two counts)(arrest): 100 block, Spring Lake Boulevard

•Theft of property-third degree: 300 block, 11th St. N.

•Information report-overdose: 1200 block, Fourth Ave. N.

•Automobile accident: Seventh St. N. at Blackberry Lane


July 17

•Domestic violence: Seventh St. S.

•Domestic violence; harassment-family (two counts) (arrest): Pine Valley Trailer Park

•Theft of property: 2000 block, Seventh St. S.

•Theft of property, unlawful breaking and entering a vehicle: 500 block, Seventh St. S.

•Assault: 15th St.

•Theft of property-third degree: 1400 block, Seventh St. S.

•Theft of property: 1100 block, Harriet St.

•Information report: 1600 block, Kincheon Road

•Domestic violence; harassment-domestic violence (arrest): 1100 block, Wilson Road

•Aggravated assault-family-other weapon (arrest): Seventh St. S.

•Speeding (arrest): Ninth St. N. at Fourth Ave. N.

•Driving under the influence, open container/drinking in public (arrest): Seventh St. S. and Interstate 65

•Automobile accident: First Ave. at 12th St.

•Automobile accident: Cooedy Road at Scott Drive

•Automobile accident: Fourth Ave. N. at Ninth St. N.


July 18

•Identity theft: 120 block, 12th St. S.

•Harassing communications: 900 block, Eighth St. N.

•Domestic violence: 900 block, Eighth St. N.

•Shoplifting: 600 block, First Ave.

•Identity theft, using false identity to obstruct government justice, forgery-checks/securities (two counts) (arrest): 600 block, First Ave.

•Theft-miscellaneous (arrest): Clanton Police Department

•Parole violation-revocation (arrest): 800 block, Richard Arrington Boulevard


July 19

•Distribution of a controlled substance: Unspecified

•Distribution of a controlled substance: Unspecified

•Alias writ of arrest (arrest): 300 block, City St.

•Probation violation (two counts), alias writ of arrest (arrest): 300 block, City St.

•Disorderly conduct/disturbing peace (arrest): Fourth Ave. S. at 14th St.


July 20

•Theft of property: Wal-Mart

•Theft of property: 1700 block, Greenwood Ave.

•Criminal mischief: Second Ave.

•Enters-remains in-on premises: Lake Mitchell Road

•Automobile accident: Seventh St. at Wilson Road


July 21

•Criminal mischief: Stockyard on Logan Road

•Harassment: 300 block, Park Place

•Runaway: Chilton County Courthouse

•Theft of lost property (greater than $2,500): Winn Dixie

•Theft of property-third degree: 600 block, Ollie Ave.

•Information report-explosion and structure fire: 1100 block, Fourth Ave.

•Harassment-family (arrest): Chilton County Jail

•Public intoxication (arrest): Wesco Service Station

•Driving under the influence (arrest): 200 block, Seventh St. S.

•Automobile accident: Seventh St. at Wilson Road

•Automobile accident: Seventh St. at New Harmony Road


July 22

•Domestic violence; harassment-family, assault (arrest): 100 block, 11th St. N.

•Obstructing government operations, resisting arrest, open container/drinking in public, driving under the influence (arrest): 30 block, Second Ave. N.

•Information report-suspicious incident: 2200 block, Seventh St. S.

•Domestic violence; harassment-family (arrest): 1500 block, Second Ave. N.

•Domestic violence: 1400 block, Fourth Ave. S.

•Harassment, theft of property-third degree: 100 block, Craig Circle

•Assault: 300 block, Smith St.

•Public intoxication (arrest): Clearview Grocery and Kincheon Road

•Automobile accident: Interstate 65 at US 31

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