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Church News for Thursday, July 26

Published 7:44pm Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Jackson Chapel

Bro. Dewayne Castleberry got the Sunday school hour started off with a good lesson entitled “Commanded to Live Wisely.”  Bro. Gary Fant got the morning service started off with “Victory In Jesus” and “The Old Rugged Cross,” and, following the good singing, Bro. Gary Fant blessed us with a beautiful song entitled “He’s Coming Back.”  Bro. Tim Scott’s text came from John 13:4-9.  There are times in our Christian lives that things happen and we don’t know which direction to go in.  We need to pray about those situations and God will lead us in the right direction.  We need to learn that the Holy Spirit will reveal to us in which direction we need to go, but if we have sin in our lives that direction can’t be revealed. When we get to that point in our lives, we need to get down on our knees and get that sin out of our lives then we can sit back and enjoy the blessings of God and also get that direction that we need in our lives.  We, as Christians, have got to have an intimate relationship if we want to grow in Jesus Christ, but it is sad because Christians don’t want that kind of relationship simply for the fact they are afraid of what God wants them to do or where God will send them.  The closer we get to God, the more knowledge we will get and the further that Satan gets us away from God, the less fire we will feel from God.  The service ended with people coming to pray and the Holy Spirit was felt in a mighty way.

Bro. Gary Fant got the evening service started with “Just Over In The Glory Land,” “Canaanland is Just in Sight,” and “I Am Blessed.” Debbie Scott blessed us with “I Won’t Have To Worry Anymore.”  Bro. Tim Scott’s text came from Matthew 14:22-31. We as Christians are to go out in this lost and dying world and let our lights shine.  We, as Christians, fight spiritual battles and if we’re not careful, Satan will get in the midst of those battles and we will find out that Satan will keep us from reaching the other side to where Jesus Christ is.  Jesus also wants us to be consistent in our prayer life because when trials come our way we then become stronger.  It is also very tough to please God if we don’t exercise our faith.  Faith is also essential in prayer because the Bible says that if we have the faith of a grain of a mustard seed we can move mountains.  The service ended with several coming to pray.

Happy Birthday to Amy Solis.

Please remember these as you pray this week: Kathy Waites, James and Marie Johnson, The James Earl Johnson Family, The McCullar Family, our lost loved ones and our service men and women.

Mars Hill Baptist

What a wonderful day to be in God’s house, and it was a packed house; 118 for Sunday school, and a wonderful message from Bro. William Short. The scripture passage was taken from Colossians 2:1-7, where we learn that Jesus may be absent from us in the flesh but is ever present in the spirit! We are to be rooted and built up in Christ, established in the faith, abounding with thanksgiving! Believe the Bible, what it says, what we should do. Don’t depend on man to tell you how to be a Christian. Always back up your beliefs with facts from the Bible.  Do you remember your first experience with Christ, the day or the hour you were saved?  It’s always good to go back to that time and remember His sweet spirit entering your heart! Jesus will always draw people to Him; there is nothing He cannot do.

Sunday night service can only be described with one word: POWERFUL. Bro. William baptized five new Christians and presented them all with a certificate of baptism and a new Bible. Then we were all blessed to hear Ms. Stephanie Leavins sing and give her personal testimony. This wonderful young lady is a wheelchair-user. She was born with multiple sclerosis and has never been able to walk, use her arms, hands, feet, or legs, yet she is giving concerts for Jesus Christ, telling others about her miracle! If you have not heard this special lady, then you should make plans to hear her. She will surely bless your heart!  Shame on us for allowing this world to try to take the joy of being called a Christian away from us.

Please pray for the victims in Colorado this week –that God will bring comfort and peace to their families. Pray for our church, the sick, the lost, the hurting, our country, our troops and our government. Amen.

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