Deeds for the week of Monday, Feb. 27, 2012

Published 1:36pm Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The following deeds were transferred in Chilton County from Feb. 14-20:

Feb. 14
•Ovis Rhodes and Ovis Rhodes, Jr., to Polly Rhodes, land located in Chilton County.
•Mary Robinson Major and Samuel Robinson to Mary Robinson Major, land located in Section 23, Township 23, Range 13.
•Lawrence D. Vickers and Bonnie Vickers to Billy D. Smith and Gayle Smith, lands located in Section 3, Township 21, Range 14.
•Billy D. Smith and Gayle Smith to Channing Shea Hucks and Sheila Reena Hucks, land located in Section 3, Township 21, Range 14.
•Carolyn Cox to Patricia F. Scruggs, land located in Lot 9, Block 3 of the S.J. Ezell Addition in the City of Clanton.
•Jose Romero and Martha Romero to Jose Romero Cardenas and Martha Romero, land located in Section 16, Township 22, Range 14.
•Claude C. Craig, III and Richard A. Lawrence to Robert E. Baker, land located in Section 36, Township 22, Range 14.

Feb. 15
•Jillena C. Smith and James A. Smith to Jillena C. Smith, land located in Lot B-2 of the Deerwood Forest subdivision, Clanton.
•Hank Epperson to Bobbi Patterson and Joanna Epperson, land located in Section 9, Township 21, Range 12.
•Calvin Campbell and Theresa Campbell to Abra Campbell and Andrea Campbell, land located in Chilton County.
•Gerald W. Earl and Cheryl A. Earl to Stacie Brackin and Christopher Atchison, land located in Section 7, Township 20, Range 12.
•Norman R. Bradberry and Linda E. Bradberry to Charles Wayne Andrews, land located in Section 12, Township 21, Range 14.
•Gerald W. Earl and Cheryl A. Earl to Derrick Pelham Earl, land located in Section 31, Township 21, Range 12.
•Midfirst Bank to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, land located in Bowles Acres subdivision.

Feb. 16
•Cheryl Brown and Charlie L. Brown to Erica Hogge and Heath Lee Hogge, land located in Lot 3 of Yellowleaf Manor Estates, Clanton.
•Woodrow W. Hunter to Lucille Martin, lands located in Section 32 and 33, Township 21, Range 14.

Feb. 17
•Steven Howell Gay and Barbara Sue Gay and Steven Gregory Gay to Barbara Sue Gay, land located in Section 13, Township 22, Range 14.
•John B. Bucklew, Jr. and Patricia Susan Bucklew to John Ben Bucklew, III, land located in Section 28, Township 21, Range 14.
•Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to James Robert Sullens and Anne Dawson Sullens, land located in Lot 56A of Pearce Acres.
•Ovis Rhodes and Ovis Rhodes, Jr. to Peggy Jean Rhodes Thrash, land located in Chilton County.

Feb. 20
•James Melton and Mary Nell Melton to James Edward Toney and Jamie M. Toney, land located in Lots 7 and 8 of Dove Creek subdivision.
•Sara Ann Burnett Varden to Vasteen Burnett and Ruby Burnett, land located in Section 4, Township 22, Range 14.

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