TNT Fireworks located in the Wal-Mart parking lot opened for business Tuesday so customers can purchase fireworks for New Year's.

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Fireworks stands ready for New Year’s

Published 8:02pm Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An assortment of fireworks covers the walls as the smell of black powder hangs in the air at the local firework stands in Clanton.

Tuesday was the grand opening for TNT Fireworks located in the Walmart parking lot and they are expecting to see plenty of customers as the New Year rolls in.

“Today was our first day open, and we’ve had about 30 customers already,” said Ken Burdett, who has helped operate the firework hub for 12 years. “We have a lot of markdowns, buy one get one free, special assortments and stuff for big finales, so I’m sure we will be swamped toward the end of the week, the closer it gets to New Year’s Eve.”

Between TNT Fireworks and Insane McCain’s Fireworks on 31, the bottle rockets and novelties are the best sellers.

“The festival balls and the America’s Best Bottle Rockets are our top sellers,” said Burdett. “Every year our sales always improve overall.”

Burdett is helping operate the TNT Fireworks stand as a fundraiser to help raise money to put water wells in Africa.

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  • jeralyn4313

    Ok here we go again…yes they are pretty BUT not worth the hands and eyes that get blown up by them. ALSO RAISING MONEY FOR AFRICA!!! Come on now..we have hungry people right her in Chilton and Shelby County not to mention a few other counties!!! Why does the money always go to some third world country!!! We have homeless people that need help right here in ALABAMA!!! This is a pet peeve of mine and many other people I talk to daily. Maybe you need to reconsider your charity and look into who needs help a little closer to home like the USA!!!

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  • Rickey

    Fireworks are always fun and festive. Ya’ll all have a great time ringing in the New Year and don’t forget to be safe. Every year I read about somebody getting hurt because of fireworks and it saddens me. A little caution mixed with a real good time will make a wonderful way to start off the New Year.
    I applaud Mr. Burdett and TNT Fireworks for their contribution toward making our world a better place.

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