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All kids should enjoy fall

Published 5:39pm Friday, October 8, 2010

With pumpkin patches, haunted houses and trick-or-treating, fall can be the most exciting time of year for children.

But while we’re shuttling our children around this holiday season, let’s not forget that not all kids in Chilton County are as fortunate.

Thankfully, at least one local group, the Chilton County Foster/Adoptive Parents Association, is trying to make fall enjoyable for children in foster homes, too.

CCFAPA raises funds for foster and adoptive children to be able to participate in fall events.

“These events are a way for the kids to do something that they enjoy and wouldn’t normally get to do,” said Chris Handley, association president.

Those interested in helping the association should call Treasurer Mary Mims at (205) 389-0824 or President Chris Handley at (205) 389-5702. Donations would be tax-exempt.

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  • Fiddle1

    This sounds like a great organization, and I’m always interested in helping the foster kids of our county. I will contact the officers of the organization, but do any of you know a web site with more information? I searched for them under the list of Alabama 501(c)3 organizations and could not find them. I wish I had known of its existence a few years ago when I made a donation to DHR instead. I think it is our duty as a socity to do as much as possible for these children. If you can’t be a foster parent or adoptive parent, and you have the means, then you should do what you can financially to give these children experience and hope. (Cross posted on news story as well)

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    • Fiddle1

      I meant “society”

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    • freedomofspeech

      Fiddle 1
      Thanks for your interest in the CCFAPA. The CCFAPA is a part of the state association and they use their 501(c)3 number. 10% of all monies go to the state associations scholarship fund for foster and adoptive children and the other 90% goes to the local association children.

      The website is

      Thanks again for you interest in donating.

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