Crosstie manufacturer enters agreement to increase production

Boatright Companies has entered into an agreement with another crosstie production company to allow Boatright’s two facilities, including one in Clanton, to increase their production.

Under the agreement, Gross & Janes Co. will process and pre-treat all green ties at both Boatright facilities utilizing a “patent-pending, non-pressurized borate treatment,” according to a press release.

Boatright will complete the crosstie processing with a “creosote/copper nepthenate pressurized treatment.” Boatright will also maintain the purchasing of all green ties for both facilities, the release states.

“We are very pleased to be able to draw upon Gross & Janes Co.’s 90 years of experience in green crosstie processing,” Boatright Chairman and CEO Shane Boatright said in a release. “With Boatright and Gross & Janes working together, our customers will continue to receive high quality and longer lasting railroad ties at competitive prices.”

Steve Bookout, vice-president and CFO with Boatright, said the arrangement wouldn’t affect employment at the Clanton facility.

“Gross & Janes will consult and advise,” Bookout said. “We’re a new plant; we need more crossties, which is their strong suit.”

Bookout said the Clanton plant is operational, but production is not at 100 percent as workers continue to train and test equipment.

Shane Boatright said during a presentation at the Chilton County Chamber of Commerce’s February luncheon that the plant would employ 75-100 people.

Gross & Janes Co. is the largest independent supplier and shipper of untreated railroad crossties in North America, according to the press release. Founded in 1920, privately held Gross & Janes has processing facilities in Missouri, Mississippi, Arkansas and Texas.

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