Published 12:56 pm Thursday, February 23, 2023

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The following deeds were transferred in Chilton County from Feb. 16-22.

February 16

Charles Lance Pigg to Charles Lance Pigg and Twila Lucetta Pigg for $1,000 for Section 1, Township 20 North, Range 15 East.

C&C Construction Company LLC to CBC Construction LLC for $500 for Lot 22 of the Peach Meadows Subdivision.


February 17

Candace L. Cleckler to Bellator Funding 2023 LLC for $40,000 for Lot 7, Block 14 of the Gowan Addition to the city of Clanton.

Christopher T. Bain and Lori Bain to Kennedy N. Mantooth and Joshua T. Wheeler for $210,000 for Lot 14 of the Sunset Cove Subdivision.

Bankston Revocable Trust to Grace Waddell for $100,000 for Section 15, Township 20 North, Range 16 East.

Jeremy Griffin and Shea Griffin to Russell McLeod for $22,500 for Lots 19, 20, 21 and 22 of Block B on Park Place in the city of Jemison.

Chalons LLC to Kelvin Andrew Vines for $211,000 for Lot 28 of the Ballington Subdivision.

Ricky Grant Headley to Ricky Grant Headley and Rhonda Headley Traywick for $1,000 for Section 5, Township 20 North, Range 14 East.

Federal National Mortgage Association and Fannie Mae to Jessie Lynn Minor for $18,900 for Lot 9 of the Deerwood Subdivision.


February 21

Harley Graves to Adrienne Boothe Rodriguez and Eric Emmanuel Rodriguez for $149,900 for Section 36, Township 22 North, Range 14 East.

Julie Ann Courtney, Estate of Miles Rodney Benson and Melanie Payton to Allen Payton and Melanie Payton for $100 for Section 32, Township 23 North, Range 14 East.

Bobby Martin and Tina Martin to Robert Barbee for $5,000 for Section 12, Township 23 North, Range 15 East.

John Ben Bucklow II to Joshua Andrew Wofford for $425,000 for Section 28, Township 21 North, Range 14 East.

Denise Cole Hubbert to David Hubbert and Denise Cole Hubbert for $100 for Section 20, Township 22 North, Range 14 East.


February 22

Karen Jean Brown and Kevin Christopher Krouse Jr. to Chrystal Dawn Cleckler and Jeffrey Ralph Cleckler for $28,5000 for Section 23, Township 21 North, Range 14 East.

Lincoln Mildred to Christina D. Lincoln and Mildred Lincoln for $1,000 for Section 14, Township 21 North, Range 15 East.

Carolyn H. Popwell and Tracy W. Smith to Carolyn H. Popwell for $100 for Section 3, Township 22 North, Range 12 East.

Carolyn H. Popwell to Katrina Pickett Oaks for $116,900 for Section 3, Township 22 North, Range 12 East.