Published 12:22 pm Thursday, February 2, 2023

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The following deeds were transferred in Chilton County from Jan. 26-Feb.1.

January 26

Stanley A. Moss to Bobby Murphy for $100,000 for Section 9, Township 20 North, Range 15 East.

Emily Hilton and Michael Hilton to Dorothy Jean Powell and Charles Avery Simon for $184,000 for Lot 10 of Gore’s Green Acres.

Eudora Pastirak to Virginia Mims and Eudora Pastirak for $100 for Lot 9 of Gore’s Green Acres.

Jennifer Bankston and Bankston Revocable Trust to Kelley Mobbs for $18,000 for Lot 3 of the Mountain Creek Subdivision.

John Hall to Deloney & Gandy Timber Inc. for $10 for Section 15, Township 20 North, Range 12 East.


January 27

Estate Roy L. Martin and Michael L. Wood to Jennifer Hayes and Tony Hayes for Section 35, Township 23 North, Range 12 East.

Wesley Hicks to Erick Smitherman and Kelly Smitherman for $30,000 for Section 27, Township 22 North, Range 15 East.

Charla G. Doucet and Terry D. Doucet to Roxann Easterling and Vaughn Easterling II for $17,500 for Lot 15 of the Blue Creek Lodge Estate Subdivision.

Barbara Hall to James Lanier for Section 27, Township 21 North, Range 15 East.

Gladys Warren and Johnny Warren to Debra Delaina Bowen for Lot 3 of the Montevallo Farms Subdivision.

The City of Thorsby to Shawn Ballew and Todd Bowen Lot 7 and 8 of Section 6, Township 22 North, Range 14 East.

Christopher G. Speaks and Janine M. Speaks to Robert Ryan Taylor Jr. for $327,500 for Section 31, Township 21 North, Range 16 East.


January 30

Chris Golden to Leslie Stella Martinez Stoll and Gonzalez Yolanda Stoll for $39,000 for Lot 7 on Montevallo Farms.

Linda J. Parker and Glenda J. Shaver to Glenda J. Parker, Henry G. Shaver and Linda J. Shaver for $1,000 for Section 7, Township 20 North, Range 14 East.


January 31

Desiree Winslett and Reece Jacob Winslett to Taylor Reddin for $214,900 for Section 8, Township 22 North, Range 14 East.

Estate of Bette Jo Cofer to Gregory Cox Jr. and Lauryn Destiny Lilly for $315,000 for Lot 5 of the Pineview Heights Subdivision.

Crystal Baker, Valarie Conway, Cathy Saxon, Kerry Saxon and Kerry Walker Saxon to Jason Miles Springfield and Margaret Reisinger Springfield for $9,900 for Section 12, Township 23 North, Range 15 East.

AMSA LLC to Yam Property LLC for Section 6, Township 22 North, Range 14 East.

Luke Willis to Kevin Headley for $55,000 for Section 24, Township 21 North, Range 15 East.


February 1

David Wendt to Destine Russell and Evan Russell for $55,000 for Section 31, Township 22 North, Range 16 East.

Helen A. Love to Harvey Leonard Atchison and Julia S. Atchison for $100 for Section 25, Township 20 North, Range 11 East.

Avenue J LLC to MIMS-IPR for $120,00 for Lot 7 of the Westhaven Subdivision.

Joyce Headley and Van Headley to Tara Caton and Jacob McKinney for $312,000 for Lot 3 of the Chapel Trace Phase 1.

Clifton E. Strong Deceased and Vicki Strong to Susana Lopez Aquino and Reney Foster for $152,000 for Lot 45 of the Pearce Acres Subdivision.

Carolyn Talitha Graham to Glen Patrick Graham for $100,000 for Section 12, Township 21 North, Range 13 East.

Joy Davis and Jennifer Thompson Attorney in Fact to Allen Caton for $1,000 for portion of J.R. Mahan Addition to the city of Clanton.