Column: Each person is a vital piece

Published 4:11 pm Friday, August 5, 2022

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Did you ever play with a Mr. Potato Head when you were a child?

I remember playing with one and changing out all the different pieces. Seeing if an arm would fit where the nose should go, etc.

Each piece of the toy had to be put in the right place for Mr. Potato Head to look complete.

A similar thing is true for communities. Each person and community organization is needed to make it complete. The most thriving communities are those where people from various ideologies have found a way to work together for a common purpose.

This is exactly what a group of local youth pastors have done. Several youth leaders from different churches and different denominations were a part of planning a joint service for youth groups across the county on Aug. 3. The event was appropriately named United.

The group was not started as some organized association, but rather a casual weekly breakfast started as friends met then introduced others to the group of those working for a common goal.

It can be so easy to get caught up on what name will be associated with something that opportunities for multiplied impact can be lost. I love seeing groups come together from different areas for the same goal. History is full of examples of where this led to great things.

Seeing a group work like this is a great reminder of how each person is a vital part to fulfilling a mission or accomplishing a goal.

The skills and talents each person has are needed to make a church, school, volunteer project or community successful.

Which piece are you?