COLUMN: What inspires you?

Published 1:43 pm Thursday, July 7, 2022

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By JOYANNA LOVE | Managing Editor

What inspires you?

This is a question I have been contemplating lately. As I look at community members that have retired recently from long successful careers or when I write about volunteers being recognized for decades of service, I sometimes stop to wonder or ask them specifically what kept them doing it for so long.

For some, their career never stopped giving them joy. Many volunteers keep going because they have a deep passion about what they are doing.

Inspiration is what gives pleasure to mundane days. It brings excitement to the task or project at hand.

Some people are inspired by beautiful scenery. Some are inspired by the kindness of others. Even beyond careers, inspiration adds a zest to life. It gives encouragement. Inspiration is like a cool breeze on an Alabama summer day.

Working in a creative field like writing finding continual inspiration can be a challenge.

What can I write about for the next Peach Living Magazine? Who would be good to feature in Faces&Places? What is going on in the community that people need to know about?

Fortunately, community members are often ready and willing to offer ideas when I hit a roadblock.

So, I have started asking myself, what inspires me? An answer came to me during a conversation before the Miss Peach Pageant as I was discussing how far I had come in my camera skills. I realized that I get inspired by mastering a new skill or helping someone else master it.

This was demonstrated the following week as staff writer Carey Reeder and I created a compilation video of the 75th Chilton County Peach Festival, which is available here.

He showed me how to use the video editing software, and we shortened and merged all the elements.

We both got excited as an aspect we had struggled with came together.

It was exciting to be venturing into new territory as a professional team and be able to offer something new to our readers.

It was exciting and inspiring for me to learn a new program and skill.

However, and wherever you find inspiration, savor those moments and appreciate them.