Column: Gifts galore in downtown Clanton

Published 3:05 pm Thursday, June 16, 2022

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By Carey Reeder | Staff Writer

Everyone is on the go nowadays. Days are filled with work, responsibilities and tasks that others are counting on one’s ability to balance life to make happen. People have less free time to experience leisure activities like shopping, until the time comes when you have to for a gift or occasion.

While Clanton is nestled in between Birmingham and Montgomery where the options for shopping are endless, it is a little bit of a drive, especially now with gas prices continuing to rise.

June 12 became my turn to venture into the shopping scene for my girlfriend’s birthday on June 14. I only had a small amount of time on a lunch break to get some things for her.

However, in downtown Clanton, I was able to get multiple gifts throughout the city that local retailers had for sale.

My girlfriend wanted some new Carhartt shirts for the summer. Bucks Clothing had many different colors and sizes of shirts and are an official Carhartt dealer. I was able to get two shirts in two different colors I had never seen before.

From there, I ventured over the Apple & Lo where the very helpful staff was able to direct me, a very non-fashionable person, to accessories my girlfriend would be able to wear with mostly any outfit. I purchased a bag and a few pairs of earrings at that stop.

After just 30 minutes, I had already acquired five different gifts within a few blocks of each other in downtown Clanton. It was refreshing to know that quality items and name brands are available right down the road, and it avoids the extended drives to larger cities as well.

There are many of other great types of stores in Clanton too, not just boutiques or clothing stores. There are great options for household items, antiques, furniture and cars.

While downtown Clanton has many options, there are many local stores around Chilton County that offer great items for gifts.

The growth of support of shopping local since the COVID-19 pandemic I am sure has had a great impact on the businesses around the county — and it seems the businesses have capitalized on that opportunity.

Within that hour of time on June 12, I was able to gather gifts to make my girlfriends birthday a memorable one, all with the help of the local businesses of Clanton.