When empty was a good thing

Published 3:11 pm Friday, April 15, 2022

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By JOYANNA LOVE | Managing Editor

Churches in Chilton County have been full of special events such as egg hunts and musical productions culminating for Easter Sunday.

Children have anticipated baskets full of special treats awaiting them on Easter morning. Yet, the celebration really stems something being empty.

There are very few times when discovering something being empty is a cause for celebration. Usually, it is a disappointment. Like when the box of cookies in the cabinet I thought had one left in it is actually empty.

But when people came to the tomb of Jesus after He had been crucified, and it was empty it was a very good thing. It was a cause for celebration. Many did not understand at first, but the tomb being empty meant that Jesus was alive. He had come to life again just like He had promised His disciples that He would.

It’s fun to imagine the scene when those disciples saw Jesus again for the first time, talking to them, knowing that He truly had died. Although they had previously seen Jesus raise Lazarus from the dead, seeing Jesus alive again likely seemed too good to be true.

In celebrating the resurrection of Jesus at Easter, I am also reminded that I do not have to fear death that He has already defeated it.

Because Jesus died on the cross to be the final sacrifice for all the wrong things people have done and overcame death, He made a way for us to know God and no longer have to fear death.

That is a cause for great celebration.