Chilton County Sheriff’s Office

Published 4:24 pm Friday, February 25, 2022

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Chilton County Sheriff’s Office

These are the incidents reports from Feb. 16-22:

Feb. 16

Civil Dispute: 13,000 Block of County Road 16, Maplesville

Non-Support Child: City Street, Clanton

Driving While Suspended, Obstructed Windshield, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: Verbena

Civil Dispute: County Road 852, Montevallo

Animal Complaint: Country Road 24, Verbena

Forgery-Forged Instrument: City Street, Clanton

Property Damage (Private Property Damage): Country Road 42, Jemison

Feb. 17

UPOCS and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: City Street, Clanton

Failure to Make Child Attend School: Clanton

Aggravated Assault-Domestic-Menacing-Gun: 000 Block of County Road 454, Clanton

Simple Assault: 800 Block of County Road 30, Clanton

Animal Complaint: 7000 Block of Alabama Highway 191, Maplesville

Death Investigation: County Road 340, Maplesville

Miscellaneous Abandoned Vehicle: Alabama Highway 22, Clanton

Illegal Possession Credit/Debit Card: Court Street, Clanton

Feb. 18

Grand Jury Indictment: UPOCS: City Street, Clanton

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Possession of Controlled Substance: Alabama Highway 145, Clanton

Unauthorized Use of Other Vehicle-No Force: 4500 Block of County Road 73, Randolph

Abandoned Vehicle: 500 Block of County Road, Montevallo

Death Investigation: 2800 Block of County Road 43, Clanton

Domestic Coercion (Harassment/Intimidation): 500 Block of County Road 774, Montevallo

Simple Assault, Grand Jury Indictment: County Road 578, Verbena

Tampering with Physical Evidence, Illegal Possession of Prescription Drugs, Possession of Marijuana Second Degree, PDP Drug Paraphernalia-1st Offense: County Road 372, Clanton

Feb. 19

Criminal Trespass Third Degree: 1000 Block of County Road 180, Jemison

D.V. 3rd-Domestic Harassment-Family: 7000 Block of County Road 37, Clanton

Attempting to Elude a Police Officer: County Road 32, Clanton

Harassment: Front Yard, Montevallo

Feb. 20

Aggravated Assault Non-Family-Other Weapon, Harassment (Harassment/Intimidation): County Road 322, Maplesville

Possession of Dangerous Drugs: Country Road 886, Jemison

 Feb. 21

Domestic Violence-Third Degree-Harassing Communications: Maplesville

Theft of Property 1st Degree: Pine Level

Harassment, Domestic-Menacing-Knife, Domestic-Harassment-Family: 000 Block of County Road 168, Jemison

Possession of Marijuana Second Degree: Country Road 59, Verbena

Probation Violation: I-65 MM 200, Verbena

Criminal Mischief-Damage to Private Property: County Road 24, Billingsley

Feb. 22

FTA Traffic: City Street, Clanton

Illegal Dumping: Country Road 256, Clanton

FTA Driving While Suspended, Lane Change without Signal: Wetumpka

Bond Revocation: City Street, Clanton