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Basketball COVID-19 spectator guidelines released

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Managing Editor

Chilton County Schools has released its plan for holding basketball games in the coming season.

Superintendent Jason Griffin said the plan follows CDC guidelines and recommendations from the Alabama Department of Public Health for COVID-19. These guidelines recommend social distancing with a minimum of 6 feet between those who are not of the same family.

Schools will be required to limit the capacity of those in the gym during games to 50%.

One way this will be done is through selling tickets before the game, rather than at the door. Each student athlete and cheerleader who will be at the game will receive two tickets.

“All other tickets will be sold to the general public in a method to be shared by the school,” the guidelines state. “School system employee badges for the host school will be allowed free pass. Each school will set up their own notification system in their school. No other school system employee passes will be allowed. In addition, Alabama High School Athletic Association cards will be honored.”

Spectators will be required to stay in the gym for the duration of the game. The guidelines state if someone leaves, they cannot “return unless you purchase a new ticket.”

“We will keep a … count for capacity and once half capacity is reached, no one will be allowed in until someone exits,” Griffin said. “Tickets will be available at the door if and when ticket holders exit and reduce capacity.”

Additional details for each school will be provided by the school, according to the guidelines.

Those with specific questions are encouraged to contact their student’s school administration.

“We reserve the right to make modifications and changes as we deal with the ongoing health crisis,” Griffin said. “Thank you for your understanding and patience as we deal with these unprecedented times and the challenges this health crisis presents.”