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Chamber starting Crow Show event

The Chilton County Chamber of Commerce is not having Trick or Treat the Streets in 2020, but they believe they have found another way to get the community involved during the month of October and the fall season.

The inaugural Chilton County Crow Show will look to fill the void left with the absence of Trick or Treat the Streets on the calendar.

The Chilton County Crow Show will be a way that people can enjoy themselves while still remaining in line with health regulations in place during the pandemic.

The difficulty of meeting those regulations was the main reason why Trick or Treat the Streets was cancelled.

“We have been looking for an event that would allow our businesses and residents to participate and enjoy themselves while being able to maintain social distancing and other precautions relating to the virus,” Chamber President Billy Singleton said. “We were very disappointed in the necessity to cancel Trick or Treat the Streets, and we felt this would be a way to involve our local merchants and residents, decorate our downtown areas and as a means to promote community events.”

Residents wishing to take part must decorate or create a scarecrow. The scarecrows can be unique to any family, business or theme that the creators wish to explore.

The event is free but registration is required with applications available on the Chamber website or at the Chamber office located at 500 Fifth Ave. N in Clanton.

All scarecrows must be registered by Oct. 16, because they will be displayed the week of Oct. 26 to Oct. 31.

Once the scarecrow is registered and designed, the scarecrows must be dropped by the Chamber office so that they can place them. Business owners can instead just place them in front of their establishment.

According to Singleton, the idea was originally tossed around after hearing of it from a visitor to the Chamber office who had attended the Mahone Bay Scarecrow Festival and Antique Fair in Nova Scotia.

“Should this year prove to be a success, it is our hope to combine the Trick or Treat the Street event with an expanded Chilton County Crow Show next year,” Singleton said.

The Crow Show is for anyone countywide that wants to take part in the event.

“The year 2020 has been exceptionally challenging for both businesses and individuals,” Singleton said. “This environment makes it especially important for the Chamber of Commerce to seek activities that everyone can enjoy in a safe, family-orientated environment and one that helps to promote a sense of community spirit. Because the Chamber of Commerce is a community service organization, we feel a special responsibility to host events for our residents to enjoy and, in doing so, bring our communities closer together.”