Family raising funds after house fire

Published 9:40 am Tuesday, April 14, 2020

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

While Chilton County escaped widespread damage from the storm system that came through on Easter night, at least one family has faced devastation in its wake.

Katrina Willmon of Isabella said she was at her mother’s house with her two grandchildren waiting out the storm when she received a call from a friend that her house on County Road 342 was on fire.

“I took off down there,” Willmon said. “I got about halfway there on the dirt road that leads to my house, and you could already see this huge red glow and the smoke … It was completely engulfed. We lost everything.”

When she arrived, multiple firetrucks were already at the scene.

The structure burned to the ground.

Now, the family is hoping to raise some funds for needed items through a “Total loss due to house fire” GoFundMe page.

A direct hit from lightning is suspected to be the cause as there was so much of it in the area just prior to the fire starting.

Willmon said one of the firefighters commented that if she had been home she likely would not have been able to get out in time.

“There is nothing left,” Willmon said. “… It is very scary.”

Her young grandchildren have been living with her, and their possessions have also been destroyed.

“They have nothing,” Willmon said.

The threesome is staying with Willmon’s mother as they figure out what to do.

“We’re just holding it together,” Willmon said.

The best way to help Willmon is by contributing to the GoFundMe page her sister Lacey Owens has created —  “Total loss due to house fire”