Stinky situation discussed by Clanton Council

Published 3:05 pm Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The public comments section of the Sept. 23 Clanton Council meeting was highlighted by Tommy Truss, who spoke about the smell that residents living around the Stella Jones plant have to deal with on a daily basis.

“We just don’t understand why this is taking so long,” Truss said.

After doing some research, Truss said technology exists that has been proven by other companies to successfully dilute such potent smells that come from their plants.

Truss asked for the Council to “do their job” by enforcing ordinances on the books that he believes are being violated.

City attorney John Hollis Jackson Jr. informed Truss that a process is underway to figure out a solution, but, at the moment, there is no new information to share.

However, Jackson assured that city engineer and representatives from Stella Jones have been in discussions and are attempting to work out a possible solution.

“If you had the smell of a crosstie laying at the foot of your bed, I don’t think you would be so lackadaisical,” Truss said. “We have to leave our homes sometimes.”

The Council invited Truss to come to the next sewer board meeting, where the topic will likely be discussed.

Clanton Mayor Billy Joe Driver opened the envelopes of four bids received to do work on the roof of Park Plaza shopping center.

The bids included L&L Roofing Company for $51,000, Steel Built Systems for $28,350, Central Alabama Metal for $39,000 and Midwestern Commercial Roofers for $43,270.

The Council unanimously approved to accept the lowest bidder. However, there was an extra fee included from each company that would go into effect if they were to come across parts of the roof that were rotten or in complete disrepair.

These extra fees were not factored into the total amounts during the meeting, so just because Steel Built Systems had the lowest initial bid, they may not have the lowest total if the additional fees are to be factored in.

“We’ll have to check these out and see how they come out,” Driver said.

Stan Benton, Robert Woods and Billy Singleton were unanimously approved to the IDB Board.

Woods was also approved to the city’s planning commission and zoning board. He will replace Douglas Scott, who resigned from both boards due to health reasons.

Larry Culpepper and Steve Mims were re-appointed as members of the housing authority.