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Column: Is it football season yet?

By J.R. TIDWELL / Editor

Growing up in the South you are pretty much expected to enjoy three things: sweet tea, banana pudding and football.

I suppose one could be forgiven for not liking one or two of those things, but if you do not care for all three, I would politely ask you to return north of the Mason-Dixon Line with all of your Yankee compatriots.

Football season is one of the greatest times of the year. During football season you also get binge eating at Thanksgiving, scary movie marathons for Halloween and that first glorious day of fall when the temperature outside finally stops trying to murder you.

It’s a magical sport that brings families together or even rips them apart depending on which team has earned your allegiance.

College football has become one of the biggest sports in the United States. Our country is one of the only in the world where an amateur, collegiate sport has grown such emphasis on a simple game.

I have heard tell that sports fans in England mock us for caring so much about college kids having fun.

But with Independence Day just behind us, I’m sure we don’t have to remind those Redcoats what the score is when it comes to U.S. versus them.

I originally got into journalism to cover sports since I enjoyed them so much.

My responsibilities keep me mostly away from them now, but not during high school football season.

I cover pretty much a game a week during this magical season. As my previous rambling might attest, I can’t wait for late August to get here and get to watch the beloved sport, even if it means nearly succumbing to the heat at the beginning of the season and potentially freezing on the sideline by the end.

To modify a Roman gladiatorial mantra, for those athletes who are about to lace up pads, put on helmets and try their best to win one for their alma mater, I salute you.