Thorsby approves rezoning, looks into ducks

Published 1:20 pm Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The Thorsby Town Council approved the rezoning of property located along West Medical Center Drive from residential medium density to residential low density.

The property in question is owned by Mark Lucas and went through a public hearing process prior to the Council’s decision.

According to Lucas, he did not personally plan to put a mobile home on the property, but requested the rezoning because it would make the property more marketable as he goes to sell it.

Even with the zoning change, the future owners of the property would still have to come before the Council and be approved in order to place a mobile home on the property.

During the public hearing Logan Cohron spoke in support of the change, while attorney Angie Mayfield expressed concern for her clients who own adjacent property.

According to Mayfield, her clients expressed concern that the rezoning would negatively affect their property value.

The Thorsby Planning Commission sent the Council a recommendation for the zoning change to take place.

The Council approved the rezoning with a unanimous decision. Councilwoman Chastity Chapman was absent from the meeting.

Public Works Director Terry Jackson informed the Council that they have been contining to aerate the ponds at the town’s sewer lagoon but they still have a “big amount” of duckweed.

However, Jackson has heard that Muscovy ducks love to eat duckweed and presented the Council with the idea of the town purchasing some ducks to put down at the lagoon.

“They’re cheaper than diesel fuel,” Jackson said.

Diesel fuel is what is currently being used to operate the machines used in the aeration process.

The Governor recently decided that July 5 will be a holiday for state employees along with the observance of Fourth of July.

The Thorsby Council unanimously approved to follow suite and give town employees off July 4 and 5.

Mayor Robert Hight asked the Council that they consider the town hiring another office clerk instead of an accountant. This position would fill the void left with the recent passing of Gary Moon.

The new office clerk position will be less of a part-time role and is estimated to cost about $8,000 more than what the previous accountant position was earning.

The Council approved the updated position. Councilman Glenn Littleton opposed the motion due to his uncertainty that the money will not work out in the next budgeting session.