Lexie Deavers surprised by 2019 Young Miss Peach win

Published 11:09 am Tuesday, June 25, 2019

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

Lexie Deavers was named the 2019 Young Miss Peach on June 24.

The win came as a complete surprise.

“I was never expecting this,” Lexie said. “This is my last year (for Young Miss) …  I’m so shocked. I was so surprised, and I am so grateful.”

Lexie was also the casual wear winner.

Lexie had previously been Little Miss Peach.

She said the pageant is “just a great experience overall. The Queen sisters that you have. They are lifelong best friends.”

During the interview portion of the competition, Lexie had been “very nervous” but excited.

She talked about what she would like to be when she grew up and the ministry she volunteers with at her church Backpack Buddies.

She said she was excited to see who her “queen sisters will be and for all the fun things I will get to do with them and to serve the community overall. I’m just excited.”

First alternate was Lexi-Kate Hayes. Leelah Penley was named second alternate. Saydie Smith made third alternate. Adelyn Fulmer was fourth alternate.

The coloring contest winner was Autumn McGraw.

“Being a Peach Queen is more than this beautiful crown … It represents tradition, service, fun and commitment to our Chilton County Community and peach farmers,” outgoing 2018 Young Miss Peach Mary-Henning Dale said.

She highlighted the service projects the queens had participated in and thanked all of those who had support the pageant.

“When you become a Peach Queen, you feel like a superstar,” Mary-Henning said.

She said she wished “the greatest year” to the 2019 Young Miss.

“It is the experience of a lifetime,” Mary-Henning said.

During the pageant, the Peach Queens made a special presentation of braille books to Isaac Walker for Jemison Elementary School’s library.
The Queens had met Isaac on Read Across America Day.
“We each took our favorite Dr. Seuss and little did we realize the blessing we were about to receive,” Mary-Henning said.
Issac is visually impaired and reads braille. He read a book to them during the event.

This led to the Queens and the Lions Club wanting to be able to donate braille books to the school.