Weather fun comes to Maplesville Library

Published 2:49 pm Tuesday, June 18, 2019

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

The Chilton County Extension Office returned to the Maplesville Library this month to present “Reading Rain or Shine” as the annual summer Storytime activities.

Themes include rain, clouds, sun and tornadoes with fun crafts and tasty snacks.

June 18 focused on the sun.

To start the day, Joan McGriff of the Extension Office read “Sun, Snow, Stars, Sky” by Catherine and Laurence Anholt.

McGriff also talked to students about the importance of watching the weather reports to be ready in case of inclement weather.

Students then created bracelets, suncatchers and edible rainbows.

Participant Raven Howard chose a butterfly as her suncatcher.

She said she thought about the “colors of the rainbow” when choosing the colors to use for her project.

“I like the reading and all the other stuff,” Raven said of the Storytime program.

Raven said she also enjoyed making the bracelet.

Pam Ousley of the Extension Office led the students in creating a bracelet with special beads that change color when in ultraviolet light.

“They are very sensitive to ultraviolet light, so when you are near the sun like when you are outside or even near a window, ultraviolet light can affect these beads and can affect your skin as well,” Ousley said.

She told the group about the importance of wearing sunblock “to protect your skin from skin cancer as you grow older.”

She said an SPF (sun protector factor) of 15 or higher was good.

“When you go outside, it is always good to wear a hat … that way you won’t have that Rudolph nose from having a burned nose,” Ousley said.

The presentation also emphasized the importance of drinking plenty of water to stay adequately hydrated and wearing sunglasses.

Each attendee received a pair of sunglasses and raisins as they left.

Next week’s theme will be tornadoes with the Chilton County EMA presenting.

Ousley said after a theme is picked each year the group gathers research on activity ideas and facts to share. She said it was a good theme for this year “because the weather has changed so much lately.”

This year, Extension intern Tanner Hunter did the research for the presentations.

McGriff said she has enjoyed the theme because “each week is so different and our crafts and our snacks have just flowed so well.”

“I think they have learned a lot about seasons,” McGriff said.

She said the Storytime has been a good mix of fun and educational activities.