Canning workshop set

Published 2:02 pm Wednesday, June 6, 2018

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

Want to learn more about traditional or pressure canning methods?

The Chilton County Extension Office is providing an opportunity to learn.

The office is hosting its annual canning workshop on June 18 from 9 a.m. to noon.

Cost is $5, and registration is required. Registration can be completed by calling the Extension office at (205) 280-6268.

All attendees will receive a canning cookbook and samples.

Janice Hall, regional extension agent for food safety and quality, will be sharing research-based information on water bath canning and pressure canning.

Based on attendance at canning workshops in recent years, Hall said the local interest in canning has increased.

Each method will be demonstrated during the workshop.

Hall said she will focus on safety measures to prevent bacteria growth in the canning process.

“I enjoy just teaching a new skill, and I enjoy watching people learn how to preserve their harvest,” Hall said.

She said the workshops have helpful information for everyone from beginners to those who are experienced in canning.

“A lot of people are actually using canning as a method to start a home-based business,” Hall said.

Jams and jellies can be sold in a home-based business, if it qualifies under the cottage law.

Some who are new to canning are intimidated by the process, especially the pressure method. Hall said she enjoys watching people become more comfortable with the process and “watching them be inspired” during the workshop.

“It’s a fresh and healthy way to have something you grew or bought locally … when those fruits and vegetables are not in season,” Hall said.

Hall said she will also briefly touch on the food preservation method of freezing, pickling and drying.

Hall said she has been a part of using the freezing method as a child, but had not used the water bath or pressure methods until working for the Alabama Cooperative Extension System.

A jam making activity for children is also in the works for July.