Peach Park opens its doors

Published 5:26 pm Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Peach Park is back in business after holding its annual opening weekend Feb. 24-26.

It did not take long for word to spread and the citizens of Chilton County were soon stepping foot back into the business for the first time in months.

“They’ve [customers] been wanting to get in for a while,” Peach Park vice president Derek Gray said.

Peach Park closes each year during the holidays and lasting for a couple of months throughout the winter. This year, it closed after Thanksgiving and officially reopened on Feb. 24.

The Peach Queens and Miss Agriculture Queens each made an appearance on Feb. 25 of the opening weekend. They took photos with kids and enjoyed lunch afterwards.

No big changes have taken place for this year’s opening, as the business is currently focused on sticking with what has been proven to work.

The barbecue and ice cream were already popular items among several of those standing in line.

Peach Park has become a staple of Chilton County for both locals and tourists over the years since it opened in 1984. During that time, it has continued to maintain its family-run tradition.

Gray was a teenager in high school when his family founded the business and now he has children of his own that are contributing to the business model.

“We [family members] all contribute in some way or another,” Gray said. “It’s something that we’re very proud of.”

According to Gray, a lot of maintenance and preparation goes on prior to opening the doors back up.

Several additions have been made to the original building, which served the sole purpose of selling produce. That has changed drastically over time with the introductions of the dining area and gift shop.

“We’ve been here a while, and have been very fortunate to have a business that is this successful in this day in time,” Gray said.