CCS to use funds from training to cover position transition

Published 11:45 am Thursday, January 19, 2017

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

Chilton County Schools new Chief School Finance Officer LaVerne Williams begins Jan. 23, but the former CSFO does not officially retire until March 1.

School Superintendent Tommy Glasscock said the former CSFO has been in communication with the school system “almost daily” about financial aspects, despite being on medical-related leave.

The leave was approved by the Board of Education on Nov. 18.

The former CSFO will assist in the transition and training for his replacement. Both employees have an annual salary of $78,000. Williams was hired by the board on Jan. 6.

To cover the little more than a month both employees will be working, funds originally allocated for training for the CSFO will be used.

“You typically have budgeted for training, so he [the former CSFO] isn’t having to go for those trainings, those professional training funds will be used to cover the transition,” Glasscock said.

The superintendent commented that it is not typical to hire a new employee so far in advance of the previous employee’s end date, but “it’s worked well for the transition.”

Before a replacement was found, the school system hired Kim McPherson of Criterion Financial Consultants to help close out the 2015-2016 fiscal year. McPherson has also provided training for the Chilton County School Board related to reviewing financial information presented by the CSFO. Glasscock said McPherson will continue to provide training on an as needed basis for up to six months. The school system pays $750 for each day McPherson works with them.

McPherson will also assist the school system in transitioning to a new CSFO. Glasscock said she will be “making sure the new CSFO is aligned with all policies and procedures.”

The Chilton County Schools finance department under went more changes then just personnel in 2016. Glasscock said there was a major upgrade of the software and hardware used by the department. The equipment that was replaced had been purchased in 2003.