Chandler named Bus Driver of the Year

Published 4:07 pm Friday, February 19, 2016

By Angela Hayes | Special to the Advertiser

Faye Chandler of Isabella was chosen as the Chilton County Schools Bus Driver of the Year during the Love the Bus event, celebrated on Feb. 14.

Love the Bus was founded in 2007 by the American School Bus Council as a way to show appreciation and raise awareness for school bus drivers around the country.

Hosted each year on Valentine’s Day, school bus dealer Transportation South, was responsible for presenting this years’ event in Alabama.

To be selected for Bus Driver of the Year, drivers must provide a positive influence in the lives of their students, while at the same time, providing for their safety as well as exemplifying their dedication to their job.

It is an honor chosen based on these merits as well as “recommendations from school administrators, teachers, students and school bus mechanics”, said Jason Griffin, Chilton County School Transportation Supervisor. “School bus drivers play a critical role in the lives and education of 
our students in Chilton County.”

“I was just shocked,” Chandler said. “The Lord has blessed me with the ability to work in the area I live in, where I know the majority of the families.”

Chandler has been driving a permanent route for five years this December and previously subbed seven years before that.

“The kids are the best part,” she said. “I’ve got great kids and parents. When the kids are good, I want to do something special for them, so I recognize their birthdays, Christmas and Valentine’s. They will play and cut up with you, but I don’t have any mean kids on my bus. Their parents are teaching them respect.”

Anyone interested in becoming a school bus driver and serving as a substitute can contact the Chilton County Transportation Department at (205) 280-2950 for more information.